Me the Movie Critic

It's been a few months since I've seen a movie in the movie theaters.  So I'm going to take this post to write about the movie Elizabeth, Henry & I went to see today.  The big boys decided to stay home & Hop ended up cutting the grass.  I think going to the movies is more fun, but hey, if I'm not cool enough to be seen with, I can handle it...maybe.

We went to see The Avengers.  Yes, I know it came out in May.  Yes, I know it had a great opening weekend, but it's been a little crazy & I wanted to be able to enjoy the time and well as the movie.  It's the whole experience I wanted, and I got it.

I have to say I loved the movie.  It was long, but they didn't compromise the story line to cut corners to force it to make sense.  The creators did a great job of setting this movie up in:  Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America.  I really appreciated that when I was watching the movie today.  It had some serious parts & it had some comedic relief.  It also has some very nice looking guys that I got to watch for two and a half hours.  :) 

I've always liked seeing movies with my kids, which usually means I'm watching a children's or tween movie.  Know that there is violence in the movie and a handful of swear words, but no bombs.  Moms, you know what I mean.

If you have tweens, go see this movie with them.  It has great underlying themes that are good for tweens to see.  Heck, they're good for anyone to see:  teamwork, sacrifice, truthfulness, standing up for what you believe in, realizing your choices have repercussions, loving your brother even if they make a huge mistake, and not making the guy who can turn into a big green angry super muscly guy, well...angry.  Yes, I did get these themes from a movie, based on a comic book, and it wasn't presented in a hokey way.  Yea!  This is a movie I would go see again with my children, and we will probably end up owning it in some form as soon as it comes out.  Go see it, you'll love it.  :)

So, from me, the movie critic, GO see The Avengers!  You'll not regret it. 

Celebrating Life & an afternoon at the movies!


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