A Swollen Face & the Summer Heat

Today it was H...O...T.  Like 102 hot.  The only places you could feel any relief from the heat was in the water or inside the house.  Since we happen to be at the lake, 5/6 of the fam chose the water...Hop stayed in the house.  Lake water and a swollen face don't mix really well.

Hopper is doing well.  He's a little swollen, and actually looks like Marlon Brandon in The Godfather.  Because we have so many boys in our house it's not really cool to use the booboo bunny we have, so instead we have booboo sticks.  More macho right?  (they are actually from the water bottles from the late 90's early 2000's that had the sticks you would freeze and then stick in the bottle to keep your drink cold.)  Hop had two stuck on his face different times during the day.  Yesterday we wrapped an ace bandage around his head to hold them on.  Too funny!

Karen, Tom, Ryan, and Megan
We had a great day today with Hopson's fraternity brother, Tom, and his family.  It's hard to believe we've been out of college for almost 20 years.  I didn't realize we were old.  We had a great time remembering things that happened while we were at Auburn, and talking about things that were currently happening with our families.

We stayed in the water talking for almost the entire day.  (Karen and I didn't come out of the water that night until about 8 pm.)  We all came out of the water to eat and take the children to the rope swing and Chimney Rock.  Tom's fam is great!  Sweet sweet children.  (it's so nice when old friends have great kids, it makes everything happier.)  Their two and our four got along swimmingly.  Tom, Megan, and Ryan all went off the rope swing and chimney rock.  I had my camera.  I know...shocker.  (actually I usually use my camera as an excuse to not have to be brave and risk hurting myself, which will happen.)  :) 

It was a great day with great friends.  I hope for those of  you who were frying like we were, we hope you were able to stay cool! 

Celebrating Life & spending time with good friends,



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