Shake Your Money Maker

It was raining this morning.  Since Henry swims with second team, I told him I would take him to practice at 9.  Little did I know that I would spend two hours on the phone with Geek Squad.  Henry was late to swim practice.  Actually, he missed practice altogether, but he needed to get into the pool and swim.  I told him to practice with the guppies, but they were doing conditioning out of the pool since the water was so cold. 

What a great workout!

It's a around 10:15 & we're getting ready to go home.  It's cold, it's raining & I still have a lot of my workout left to do for today.  :(  And laundry, and cleaning, and everyone is always hungry after swim practice, and I don't want them junk, so yes I'll be glad to be your sweaty, smelly, short order cook.  Laura, another swim mom, comes out & tells my friend Ashley & me that we need to do Zumba with her.  She said it starts at 10:30 & it's so much fun.

I've never done Zumba before.  Everyone I've talked to has said it's very addicting.  My friend Suzanne said before the class started: "welcome to crack".  LOL.  Laura told me to give it 30 minutes that I would love it.  She said I'll get a great workout, it won't feel like an hour, and I'll burn a ton of calories.  The whole burning lots of calories makes me very happy.  I did need something to change my workout routine up a bit, and for today, Zumba was a choice. 

I looked at Henry and asked him if he would give me 30 minutes to try the class.  He asked me to call Hop to come and pick him up.  I said that I wasn't going to get Hop to pick him up when we would be going home in just a bit.  Yeah, a bit turned into an hour.  Sorry Henry.

My mom would be glad to know that the 10 years of dance I had as a child paid off.  I kept up pretty well, and it was fun.  I've always wanted to take ballroom dancing to learn the mambo, cha cha, tango, merengue, get the idea.  (Dirty Dancing, child of the 80's, what can I say?)  I worked up a huge sweat & my hips are a little sore, yikes.  :/  I hope I'll be able to sit down later. 

Well, at least I was able to shake my money maker, and have a little fun doing it.  I think I'll go back tomorrow.  :)  Different is good, especially when it's not boring, and this different is also fun.  If you haven't tried Zumba, give it a whirl. 

Celebrating Life & shakin' what your momma gave you!


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