Fun for $5...Not Impossible

Aren't we a sight?
You know, $5 does not buy you much anymore.  You can't go bowling, play laser tag, go to a theme park, or water park for $5, it's just sad.  I remember when $5 would buy:  5 gallons of gas; 5 Arby's roast beef sandwiches; 5 McDonald's hamburgers; or 100 pieces of super bubble bubble gum.  $5 is a lot harder to stretch now.

Harry was the runner-up
Cotton's outfit was the winner!
Well, we had a lot of fun for $5 today.  We each pulled a name out of a hat, and we had $5 to spend at the Salvation Army to get them a tacky outfit to wear.  The winner of the tackiest outfit won a vat of cheese balls.  Just in case you were wondering, I picked out the tackiest outfit.  It was supposed to be for Harry, but what Harry bought for Cotton was too small, so I took Cotton from Harry & he was able to wear his own outfit.  Harry came in second.  Leah and I both looked like a 40 year old frumpy homemakers.  It hit a little closer to home for me because isn't that what I am?  HaHa!  Just kidding...kinda.  It was pretty bad, but we all looked stupid, so it was easier to join the crowd on this one.

My little redneck family.  :)
We were going to ride go carts in our tacky outfits, but it's been raining here since we pulled in, so the track was too wet to ride.  We thought we'd go where we would fit in the best...WalMart.  I've seen some really interesting people in WalMart, so I figured we would look somewhat normal.  I know you're thinking 'yeah, right', but remember I did say somewhat.

Me holding my prize for picking the
tackiest outfit!  I would like to thank
the academy for this prestigious award. :)

Every time someone would do a double take of us, Harry would smile, wave, and say hey.  I was laughing hysterically.  Harry told me to stop laughing, but the look on everyone's faces were just too funny.  What else am I supposed to do when both  my big boys are wearing dresses, and seem perfectly fine with it?  Hop was calling all his friends telling them they all need to do this and go out to dinner or something.  Can you imagine a huge group of 17 year olds tromping around town in tacky outfits.  It would be GREAT! 

I'm trying to decide if I should keep my outfit.  They were worth every penny.  It really is a one of a kind way to have some fun!

Celebrating Life & the gift of laughter!


 PS~ On a serious note, please keep Laura Black and family in your prayers.  I've been following her Caring bridge site and Hospice has been called in for her.  She has a husband and 3 young children she loves with all her heart.  Your prayers are coveted for this sweet family.


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