It's the Summer of What?

It seems for the last few years our summers have had themes.  The children decide they really like something & then want it all the time.  I can't complain because the things they want aren't really that bad for you.

Last year was the summer of homemade pizzas.  We made them at least 2 times a week.  It's actually a lot of fun to let your kids make the pizzas.  Yes, it's messy, but at least you know exactly what your kids are eating.  I really saw some creativity come out, and the kiddos feel a sense of accomplishment when they can eat something they have made.  If they were tired, I made them & watched as they came down like a plague of locusts.

This summer seems to be the summer of homemade fruit smoothies.  I felt so badly on Henry's birthday because he had to get a shot & finger prick that I told him we could look up how to make smoothies.  (I would love to use ice cream all the time, but that's not healthy for the fam.)  Hop Googled it and came up with a fairly basic recipe.  Of course I looked at it and then promptly tweaked it.  :/  Yes, I do it with almost everything.  I told you earlier; it's my form of rebellion.  Plus, it just needed some extra umph. 

The cast of characters:  fresh strawberries/bananas/pineapple/kiwi/peaches (or any fruits you like and want to mix), fat free plain yogurt, milk, crushed ice, vanilla (the good stuff makes it taste the best), and a little splenda.  Then you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up...oh wait, that's not it.  :)  I know, I'm a dork, I couldn't help myself.  The next step is really hard, so you need to read it carefully & write it all down...throw everything into the blender and mix it all up.  Yep, it's that simple.  We usually make about 6-8 cups at a time, and I don't write down instructions...I'm a dumper when I cook, so I could make a guesstimation, but I think y'all are smart enough to figure it out.  :)  If you're not a dumper, remember to start off in smaller quantities and adjust as you go along.  I think the more fruit you have the better.

I figured it was a great way for the fam to get a few fruit servings and get some of the good stuff from the yogurt and milk, and it's refreshing for them after swim practice.  My friend, Cathy, suggested I throw in a little protein powder...not a bad idea.  May have to try it next week.

Celebrating Life, quirky kicks, and themed summers!


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