He's Finally 2 Hands

The baby is finally 2 hands.  Yep, 10 years old today.  I guess I really shouldn't call him the baby anymore.  I remember one time he looked at me & said he couldn't do something because he was a baby.  He was 5.  I informed him that he was the baby (of the family) not a baby anymore.

I often wonder what it's like being the baby of the family.  I married one, so it can't be all bad.  I do firmly believe that when there are multiple siblings in a family the baby gets it the easiest.  You laugh, but think about it.  With the first child you are anxious about everything because you're learning so much as a parent.  There are no instructions that come with your particular model of child & what will work best with them; it's a learn as you go kinda thing.  (Accompanied with a lot of prayer!)  Middle children have it a little easier because we've seen a little & know a little, and tend not to get stressed out over the smallest thing.  But the baby...the baby...the baby.  Sometimes I'm just too tired from everything else.  I don't sweat as much over things anymore.  I drives the older 2 crazy.  They always say I would never have allowed them to get away with things I let Hen get away with.  Oh well.  I might even just let Henry teach himself how to drive.  Just kidding!

My pregnancy and delivery with Henry was horrible.  It was supposed to be my beautiful swan song.  Henry is the final child in our family; the final grandchild, #9 in the line-up on Hopson's side; it should have been easy.  But no, it was the hardest of all.  My delivery nurse told me she had never seen anyone throw up as much as I did.  (I threw up every day of every pregnancy.  I know, why did I have 4?  I do, and that's how God wanted it.)  He came out with the cord wrapped around his neck twice, very blue, not crying, and limp.  For someone who's had 3 healthy, pink, and crying babies, I knew to be scared.  At the 1 minute Apgar, he had a 2; the coded him.  It was pandemonium in our room.  I was ok until the nurse came to me & said not to worry that everything was going to be ok.  His score was a little higher at 5 minutes, but not enough, so they sent him to the NICU.  It was a long 48 hours in the hospital.  I just wanted to come home and be with my little family.

Hen was not an easy infant.  Partially because I had 3 at home ages 7 and under; but also because Henry was just a high maintainced baby.  It was a long summer, really it was a long first year.  Now my baby is 10.  He's still a wiggle worm.  He's never met a stranger; he loves his brothers and sister; he's a truly sweet child; and I'm glad he's the baby. 

I accidentally scheduled Elizabeth & Henry's well child check-ups for today.  I know, shame on me, but in my defense, I did make them in February.  Henry had to get a shot on his birthday.  :/  Oops, sorry Hen!  I'm making up for it tomorrow...we're going to see The Avengers.  Tonight we had our first swim meet of the season.  Henry won 2 of the 3 heats he swam in.  I was very proud of him.  He's a crazy little Worm, and love him so much.

I'm proud of you Henry & love you with all my heart!

Celebrating Life, little Worms & being 2 hands!


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