What a Bunch of Jumpin' Fools

There is a place in Tampa my children insist on going to when we visit my brother & his family...AirHeads.  It's a must if you have children who love to jump on trampolines.  I've talked about this place before, but of course we went again, because we were in Tampa, and this time Leah could jump because she's not pregnant this year.  :)  I would love to have an AirHeads in our hometown, but as of right now, we don't have one, so we just enjoy the one in Tampa.  BTW...My nephew is to die for!  I could eat him up.  His picture is below.

The children were jumping & flipping all over the place.  I walked by some people around my age saying:  "Wow, look at them.  That must be an aerobics class."  I looked in the direction they were staring, and just smiled.  It was no aerobics class, those are just my crazy jumpin' fools I call my children.  :)  Cotton and Leah are not too bad either.  I felt my age.  I did my standard yearly back flips & customary toe touches.  (They are easy to do when there is something throwing you up into the air.)

Of course they also found some dodge balls & had a great time trying to be Pele when he would layout on his back and kick the ball over his body and generally pegging each other with them.  They also had a hilarious game of dodge ball.  Elizabeth won.  Yea Elizabeth!!!  (she never wins stuff like that because the boys gang up on her)  She was all smiles. 

We had a great time today.  We are under a flood warning & tornado warning as Tropical Storm Debby passes over.  Very wet & very windy, but we're still having a blast with family!

Celebrating Life!

Baby Henry...Is he not the cutest thing ever?  I could eat him up!!!


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