It's a Mine Field Around Here

My children's rooms are a wreck!  If their rooms where mine fields, I'd be dead.  Ugh, nothing frustrates me more than messy rooms and a messy house.  Especially if I spend the better part of two days cleaning out your room.  Hello Type A personality...I mean my monogram is ANL...need I say more?  We do expect our children to clean their own rooms among other things.  Now, one thing you need to know is that there is a difference in their version of clean, and my version of clean.  Huge difference between the two.

My version of clean is:  the beds are completely made (pillows and all); all clothes that are clean are put in their proper drawer or hung up; dirty clothes put in the dirty clothes basket; all toys, books, money, etc put where they belong; all things in bathrooms put away:  toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, razor (if applicable), hairdryer; spit cleaned off the sink & mirror; used towel hung up so it can be used again. 

Their version of clean; sheets thrown up to the top of the bed, but not straightened and no pillows on the bed; all clothes thrown on the bed or in the dirty clothes basket even if they have just been washed; toys, books, money, etc still in same spot or thrown on the desk; all bathroom things thrown on the vanity or floor (wet towels); spit still in the sink & mirror.

It makes me suffer from apoplexy.  (that's a stroke if you've never heard that term before)  I looked into Hopson's office and then remembered where my children get their messiness must be hereditary.  Why couldn't they get the clean gene?  Well, the rooms will be, or mean mommy will make an appearance.  She's not nice.  (especially when she's really sleepy, which she is right now.)  She might even throw things away that children leave on the floor or ground children who don't do what they are told.  She's been known to spank on occasion, even though spanking the big boys is almost comical b/c that doesn't work on them anymore...they're too big. :/

Well, going to make the first round to see how they're cleaning before we start round 2 of this cleaning process, because there is always at least a round 2. 

Celebrating Life & a clean house!


  1. Clean clothes in the dirty clothes hamper makes me absolutely bonkers! Good luck getting the rooms clean in only two rounds.


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