My Little Worm PS

A friend asked the nicknames of the other three children, so here you go.

Hopson: Hop, Hoppy, Hopper

Harrison: Harry, Harro, Harry Cotton, Harry Cotton pants, Harry Potter (this has to be said with a British accent), and the newest from Henry, Tool

Elizabeth: Pitty Pat, Snoop, Sis, Sisso, Lizard, and some of her friends call her Lizzy

Maggie (the lab): Mags, Maggie doodle

Bella (the chihuahua): Beebers, Bea, Dumb dog, Stupid (Harry & Hop call her the last two) She's not dumb. :/

Big Hopson: Honey Daddy (Hoppy named him this when he learned how to talk)

So there you go, the fam's nicknames.
Celebrating Life & special family names, ~ashley


  1. Thank you Ashley!! I knew some of them, but learned a few new ones this evening.


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