Sadie, Shopping, Bow Ties, and Boys

Saturday is the...Sadie Hawkins dance, in my khaki pants, there's nothing better...oh oh oh...girls ask the guys, it's always a surprise, there's nothing better, do you like my sweater.  Sorry that song is hilarious, but around here the boys are very excited about the dance.  Both Hop & Harry have been asked, and I have to admit for boys, they are being a little high maintainced about it.

New Bow Tie & Khaki Pants
They have never worried about what they are going to wear before, but for some reason, this year it really matters.  Um, ok so off we go to the mall.  My guys would rather go to the dentist than to go shopping, not to mention they have lacrosse practice 4 days a week, and yesterday was a practice day.  So the fact of the matter was we only had 30 minutes tops to find what we needed.  It's called speed shopping, and I actually do it quite well. 

Is this what girl moms go through all the time?  I mean Elizabeth & I will go shopping, but she's fun to shop with, and very easy to please.  The boys were a little on the picky side.  It was a little surreal.

Anyway we found most of what we were looking for.  I had to take Harry back out for some pants, but it's all good.  The buzz word for this year, in case you don't know, is bow ties.  Remember it and use it often.  If you're looking for them, Belk is having a huge sale right now.  Yea for sales!  It makes for a very happy Hopson.  One little problem, my guys don't know how to tie a bow tie, but that's what youtube is for.

Celebrating Life!


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