Just for Laughs

We're a weird family.  We love to quote movie lines.  Tommy Boy is a classic slap stick movie with some great lines to quote.  We found this on youtube a few years ago & it made us howl with laughter. (here the version from the actual movie)  My kids heard the audio in the den just now from the scene above and came running to see it.  Yes, we are weird!

Because it's Friday & Friday's rock I wanted to pass on this laugh to you!!!  (ok I lied, I had to put one more...it's a scene montage.  How could I only put one scene from one of the greatest movies ever?  It is PG-13 though so you may want to watch it when little bitties are not in the room.)

I also wanted to post this for you.  If you don't laugh, you need to go to the doctor because your funny bone is broken or you may be dead!  The groom reminds me of a few friends from high school who would have done this.  Too funny.

One more thing... in the picture below let me know the first four words you come across, because they describe you.  Mine are...Sincere, Courageous, Passionate, Outspoken.  The outspoken kinda hits a little too close to the belt, but it's the truth.  :)

Hope you enjoy the laughs!  It's Friday, and everyone should laugh on Friday!

Celebrating Life & laughter!


  1. I got honest, passionate, dramatic and peaceful ... works for me ;-)

    I've never seen Tommy Boy. Gonna have to watch that one!

  2. Apparently, I am Lazy, Dramatic, Passionate and Outspoken! That's pretty much me! LOL! My Boys and I have watched Tommy Boy many times over. I thing their favorite part of the movie is, "What'd you do?"

  3. Elegant, Happy, Patient, and Passionate--don't know if they actually describe me, but I'll go with it! Love reading your blog; makes me miss having a member of your family in my class! Tell the boys I said, "Hello!"


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