It All Changed... the blink of an eye.  A mom driving carpool, just an ordinary everyday occurrence.  Probably talking to her child about their day: who they played with, and how did they do on their spelling test.  Did you get to play outside, or was it raining during your recess time?  Did you eat your snack?  All your lunch?  Yea, it's Friday! the blink of an eye.  Going around a corner, a very sharp corner, not realizing the guy coming around on the other side may be distracted, or texting, or talking on his phone, or maybe he lost control because the streets are wet.
Notice the side airbag has depolyed the blink of an eye.  You realize his car has smashed into yours, luckily it's in the front and not on the side where your 1st grader is sitting.  All side air bags have deployed.  You don't care a whit about yourself, you just have to get into the back to make sure your child is unharmed.  A little shook up, but physically fine.

Passenger airbag in the window the blink of an eye.  You have dorks like me taking pictures of the two smashed-up cars so she has something interesting to blog about.  No rubbernecking, I was legitimately stopped by a police officer, and just snapped off a few.  I wanted to remind us all that it can all the blink of an eye.

Celebrating Life!

PS~no one was injured in this wreck.  The cars were smashed up in the front and both had airbags deploy.  I was fortunate that a little old man was smart enough to turn his hazards on before I went around the curve at normal speed and caused another wreck.  This helped me to remember that I'm driving what is ultimately a 2000 pound bullet and with comes great responsibility.  Y'all be careful out there.


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