The Heart of a Generation

I was able to spend most of my day today in a Kid's Leadership Summit at my church.  OK, wow...I was blown away. 

  • First off, I serve a great God!
  • Second, I have a wonderful Senior Pastor who made a room full of people who really love kids realize that we do have a special calling to love on kids & let them know that God loves them too.
  • Third, LOOOOVVVVEEEE our Children's pastor.  PB, you're the greatest & I love your vision & can't wait to follow you as we live it out!
  • Fourth, I serve alongside some of the most amazing, humble, committed, loving, crazy, spirit filled, on-fire for Jesus people I've ever met.  (adults and teenagers)  Love you guys!!!
Mrs. Charmayne & Mrs Candi
Ms. Natalie
These pictures are from this past fall during our 'At the Movies' series.  These are just a fraction of the people I serve with, but they do represent some of the great people I get to do life and serve the Lord with.  They make me smile & I love them all from the bottom of my heart.

Celebrating Life!!!

Mr. Chris in the middle being a crazy monkey.
Ms. Sandra aka Dora the Explorer  :)
Mama B
Mrs. Candi as a pirate


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