More than One man

cousins Josh & Grant
I like team sports.  I think kids learn valuable life lessons that are embedded in them.  Playing on a team is about more than one man.  It's about what is best for the team.  Doing your best not for your own cheers from the crowd, but the cheering that is for your team is satisfaction enough.  Is the guy who practices his guts out every day any different than the one who gets the glory on the field?  I think it's harder to be the guy who gets no playing time for his practicing than the guy who does.  Just my opinion though.

I have a lot of respect for players who talk about others on their team.  I also believe that parents have a huge part to play in how our children view team sports.  I love Henry's basketball coaches.  Shout out to Wade & Boyd.  They are brothers who both played college hoops and are now coaching 9 year olds in our local rec league.  (Which is sometimes is like herding cats.)  The coaches want the boys to play hard and give 100%, but they are not over the top about it. (they don't scream or berate the boys, and I like that.)  Sometimes it's not about winning.  Do I want to win?  Absolutely!  But I'm not going to hinge my life and emotions on 9  year old basketball.  We don't cry when we lose, and we don't complain if calls don't go our way.  You suck it up and realize that this can happen in life too, so you learn how to handle it correctly.  That's what our family does anyway.

We didn't win today, but we had a great comeback in the 4th quarter, it just wasn't quite enough.  It's ok, we'll have a hard practice on Tuesday & play better next week! 

driving to the hoop

Thanks Wade & Boyd for being an example of the kind of men our boys need to see.  Thank you for sacrificing your time to spend with these boys and investing in their lives.  We love and appreciate you both!  I'm glad that Henry is on your team.  Go Bulls!!!

movin' the ball around

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