I Call it Camouflage

My MeMaw was completely grey by the time she was 30, or so she claimed.  My mom was going grey, but her hair was so many different colors we never noticed.  (she liked to change colors and would sometimes end up with very interesting colors.  another story for another time.)  I've noticed more and more grey in the mirror.  I'm fighting them tooth and nail, or more like camouflaging my hair to hide them.

I'll be putting lip stick on in the car and looking in the mirror and see a grey hair has the nerve to stick up straight so I'll pull it out, name it after one of the children, and hand it to them.  They give me that smarty pants smirk and tell me I'm, haha very funny.  I told them it's their fault I'm going grey.

Thank goodness for the technology of hair coloring!  I have decided to humiliate myself and let you see part of the process.  Not all the grey, but just me looking like a lion who stuck their paw in an electrified fence.  Go on and laugh, I did when I saw the picture.  But I will say, the after effect is so worth it! 

Ta Da!!!  Now my hair is the perfect camouflage for my the grey.  And you see one very happy 40 year old. 

Celebrating Life & the ability to cover grey hair!


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