Hop a Russian Dancer?

balancing the stick
I couldn't talk him into a
reenactment of last night
Hop had me laughing so hard last night!  We're sitting in the den.  Elizabeth is doing homework, I'm reading & Hop is twirling his girlfriend...I mean his lacrosse stick on the couch while the Auburn basketball game is on tv.  I think at this point Henry had gone to bed & Harry was upstairs watching the game on the big TV.  Hop loves his lacrosse stick and will spin that thing around and practice cradeling nonstop.  Last year we had to tell him to put his girlfriend down and join the family for dinner or conversations, or what ever we were doing.

dancers from Fiddler on the Roof
Well, I look over & he's balancing that thing over his head.  He acutally had good posture and balance, I was impressed.  (I know Betty Moss, his manners teacher would have been as well!)  He was sitting and balancing, but then he decided he wanted to stand-up.  I'm watching, totally amused, and then as he tries to stand up he looks like a Russian Dancer from Fiddler on the Roof.  I started howling with laughter, especially when he gets up, with the stick balanced on his head; starts humming; and dancing in the den, which was made even funnier given his choice of outfits...t-shirt, gym shorts, white socks to mid-calf (my dad would have loved that) and his Sperry's.  Oh, too funny!  I was laughing so hard that he started laughing too...what a crazy kid.  :) 

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