Physics is Fun

You can see the heat
displacing the shadow of
the angel in my window
I would not have thought this in high school.  I have started looking at a lot of things differently as I get older.  Hop is taking physics in high school this year & I'm actually learning things about physics from him.  He was studying about heat rising & being able to see it.  As I was sitting at my computer this morning with the sun streaming through the kitchen window I saw the heat rising from my candle against the wall.  It was really cool.  In the picture you can see the heat from the candle around the shadow of the angel on my window sill.  I sat & watched it for about 10 minutes.  Way cool.

While I was thinking about all he is learning I started thinking of a very funny email I was sent a long time ago.  Science and math don't come easily for everyone.  The email had student's answers to questions they found frustrating.  I found the pictures that were in the email!  Thank you Google!  I read them again & was literally crying this morning I was laughing so hard.

I just have to put a few of the funny test answers on this posting...they make me so happy!
I hope you enjoy the laugh & the next time you visually see the heat displacement a candle causes, I hope it will make you laugh & remember we're never too old to learn!

Celebrating life!

for all my Bammer friends...

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