I LOVE Teenagers!

No really, I do!  I love them.  I'll admit I'm very spoiled, because my children's friends are really special young people.  They are kind, smart, put others first, and make good choices.  Last night for New Year's Eve, we had some great kids over.  They don't treat me like a 'stupid adult'; like someone who has always been old.  We had some great conversations, and they were honest about their feelings and thoughts about the future. 

I wish I could freeze this time for them.  Do they know how precious each of these days is?  Do they realize how much their lives will change after they graduate?  A year and a half, that's all they have left in their high school careers.  A year and half to pack-in as many memories as possible.  It seems like the clock is on fast forward. 

This is the group that was here to start off the night, but as the night progressed others showed up, and they were all on their best behavior.  They were too funny, and hearing them laugh and carry on made me smile.  We definitely had the 4 F's:  Friends, Fun, Food, and Fireworks!  Anytime pyrotechnics are involved a fun time is sure to ensue. 

These kids are welcome at my house anytime.  They make me feel young again.  May the Lord continue to bless them for all of their lives!  Y'all don't change, because you are beautiful the way you are!  Thanks y'all for including me and reminding me of why it's great to be alive.  I love you guys!

Celebrating life!


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