Baby Stories

I love to tell my children their birth stories.  I want them to know I loved them before they breathed their first breath, and that being their mom is one of the greatest joys of my life.

But before I had my own children's birth stories, I had my brother's.  In honor of the arrival of Henry Cotton Lowe IV, I want to share the birth story of his daddy & my brother, Henry Cotton Lowe III.

left to right:  PawPaw, MeMaw, Me, my Mom,
Cotton and our great grandmother, Little Gran
I was 7 and Amy was 5.  I couldn't wait for my new baby sister to be born.  Yes, I said baby sister.  After having 2 girls, my mom was certain she would have another.  (these are the days before ultrasound)  Everything was pink.  Pink dresses, bows, socks.  Eyelet bed linens with little lambs.  Very feminine and dainty.  

The day Cotton was born, my mom made a big deal about checking us out of school, and announcing to the office staff that 'We are going to have a baby today!'. At the hospital, Amy and I paced the waiting room waiting for our little sister to be born.  We couldn't wait to see her and get our hands on her.  We would have a real live doll to feed, change diapers, dress, rock, sing name it, we wanted to do it.  It was every little girl's dream.
opening big sister gifts

They had just started letting daddies back into the delivery room, so my dad was in the back with my mom.  After what seemed like forever, he finally, came out from the back, knelt down to hold Amy and me, and said 'Girls, guess what you have?'  We yelled 'a sister!!!'  He said 'No, a brother!'  The whole family tackled my dad and I think he ended up on the floor by the Coke machine.  We were just a little surprised and excited.

My mom was good about sharing.  We could do all the things we wanted to do to Cotton.  He was a beautiful baby, almost to pretty to be a boy.  He was a good baby too.  He brought so much joy to our family.

Now my baby brother has his own baby.  I praise God for his new baby.  I pray God's blessings on their little family.  I pray for health, happiness, God's hope, peace, faith, and love to surround them all the days of their lives!  I pray for joy to hide in every nook and cranny of their homes and hearts.  I  pray they love fiercely and laugh often. 

What a beautiful day to Celebrate Life!
Quality time with Cotton.


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