Yep, Teenagers Rock!

On Sundays I get to serve with some pretty amazing young teenagers.  We have over 100 of them, called SideKicks, who serve at various times during our different Sunday services in the Preschool & Children's ministries at Church of the Highlands.

This ministry kinda happened by accident.  It started a few years ago with one of our pastor's sons when he started helping with the sound board and lights during one or two of the services.  Others noticed & wanted to do it too.  Then we had some who wanted to help with worship, games, and small groups.  Some of our teens have a love of preschool children, and so we expanded to serve in that area as well.  God has ordained these young people with gifts, and let me tell you they use them.

I work with the teens on the preschool side.  Wow!  They are absolutely amazing!!!  If you think this generation is going down the drain, let me give you hope.  It's not.  These children love the Lord, and love to serve His people.  They love on, play with, comfort, worship, laugh, and rock out their service.  I am so proud that I get to guide them and then sit back and watch them serve.  God shows me His blessings in each one of these young people. 

This past Sunday in the 9:30 service we had 161 ~ 4 and 5 year olds.  It was fun and crazy and beautiful to see that many children singing 'One Way, Jesus' at the top of their lungs.  You know the Heavenly Host was joining in.  It was great.

If you're a SideKick and reading this...I love y'all!  You make my Sundays, and you shine God's love on everyone around you.  Keep it up & know you're making a difference in the Kingdom of God!

Celebrating Life!


  1. as the origonal i must say that without the the sidekicks i would not be able to do any thing at chruch.these guys and girls rock!!


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