Whispers of Spring

I was picking up Elizabeth from dance to day & look at what I found...

It's a Dogwood Tree & it's starting to bud!!!  Yes, I realize that it's only January 21st, and winter will probably raise it's very cold head at least one or two more times, killing the very tender buds on this tree.  (thanks for the buzz kill all you Debbie Downers)  The reality for us living in the southern United States is that it's only a few more weeks and spring will be here.  Yea for the south!  I love spring, I love spring, I love spring!!! 

I'm so glad that it will not be cold and dark and gloomy with naked trees all year, it's just too depressing by half.  It's amazing that just the whisper of spring leaves me smiling, giddy, and looking forward to warmer, longer, and colorful days ahead.

Celebrating Life!


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