$2.99 for Great Conversation

Harry jumps at the chance to drive anywhere.  Tonight, we did a milk run and while at the grocery store Harry saw a sign for boiled peanuts.  Of course he asked for some, because in his mind, the worst thing you could say is no, and you just might say yes.  Well, tonight I said yes. 

Rewind a little over 15 years ago...When I was pregnant with Harry, Hopson & I went to the LSU/AU game, and I ate a lot of boiled peanuts.  For you AU fans, that was the game where The Barn burned down.  We could see the flames from the stadium.  Anyway, I was so swollen from eating so many peanuts I felt like a water balloon, and I'm pretty sure I looked like one too.

Back to today...Harry was so excited to get his peanuts.  I told him that if he liked them that much we could make some homemade ones in the crock pot.  He just smiled.  After the grocery run we stopped to fill up the car & while we waited we broke open the peanuts and started chowing down.  I have to say they were really great.  I showed him how to suck the juice out of the peanut before you break it open.  He had juice running down his face, it made me giggle.

Harry & I have our best conversations in the car.  I don't know why, but he opens up and shares more than he ever would at home.  I have to say that tonight I think I got my money's worth!  $2.99 is cheap for some great conversation with a really great guy.  :)

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