Yea! He Passed!

We now have 1 licenced teenage driver & 1 with a driving learner's permit!  I have a chauffeur for a year.  Yea for him & for me!!! 

Harry passed his learner's permit test today.  He said it was an easy test.  He was confident...I was nervous.  I know it's silly, but I always get nervous when my children are doing/trying out for things.  What can I say, I'm their mommy.  When he poked his head out to get me so I could pay, I asked him if he passed & he gave me a look that said 'really mom, are you serious' and said, "of course I passed".  Harry said the test was a joke.  Here is his favorite question:

What is the most important safety feature in a vehicle? 
A.  the dashboard 
B.  the seat belt 
C.  the seat

Yes everyone, these are the kinds of questions we are asking our future drivers.  Yikes!  Luckily, I like teaching kids to drive, so he'll get a lot of time behind the wheel. 

He's trying not to smile, but he's excited.
After the test we went to a local sporting goods store and I let him drive home.  He did really well for his first official drive; he needs a little practice on stopping.   All in all, not to shabby.  I think he's going to love driving & I know I'll love having him drive.

Congratulations Harry!  I'm proud of you.

Celebrating Life!


  1. What a cool, calm Mom you are! I did not enjoy being in the car with my teen drivers in training....too nervous!! I let their Dad handle it mostly.

  2. Congratulations Harry. Two down, two to go. You are halfway there! I agree with E. Bryant, I let their dad do most of the behind the wheel at the beginning. I am a nervous wreck!


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