Can We PLEASE Eat Out?

We don't eat out.  No, I mean it, it is a very rare occasion that we eat out.  I know lots of families who will scoot through the drive through on busy nights, but we don't.  Hopson hates to eat out.  I made the mistake of learning how to cook...just kidding.  I love to cook, but I don't like to think about dinner at 7 in the morning, which is what I need to be doing on days like today.

Mondays are CrAZy.  I'm in the car more than I'm not in the afternoons, and it's days like today that I would love to just pick something up for the fam.  Sometimes I'll stand in my freezer door willing something to jump out and be ready to eat.  I'm a little upset, it hasn't happened yet. :/  What's the definition of insanity?  Doing the same action repeatedly, and expecting a different result.  I think that's where I am.

Anything with poached chicken is a go around here, so of course I poached some & now what to go with it???  Have peas & carrots, have Pillsbury frozen biscuits...hum.  Could I make a chicken pie with that?  Have cream of celery soup, have sour cream, have other veggies I could put in it.  I think I see something coming together in my mind.

While I have a few minutes, I'm writing this before round 3 in the car today...only a few more rounds & I'm done.  :)  The finished product is in the oven baking & my phone is ringing off the hook with political adds...I really wish they would stop.  It makes me not want to vote for your candidate when you harass me with calls.  Ugh!  Anyway, I'll let you know what the kiddos think of dinner.  It should be interesting.

BTW, the snore guard works great!  Hopson hasn't snored at all since he brought it home last Wednesday.  Instead of snoring, he just breaths heavy.  Now if I can keep my mind from racing at 3am, we'll be good to go.

Ok, it's back into the car I go!

Celebrating Life & not eating out,


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