Thank Goodness It's a Rental

We have had to get rental cars over the years, and have been fortunate to never had a problem with them.  But for some reason this past week we have made up for that in spades.   It's not the end of the world kind of problems, just somewhat of a pain.

We got our car through Hertz, a national company with a good reputation.  They gave us a brand spanking new Dodge Grand Caravan minivan; there were only 680 miles on it for the love.  It had new car smell.  I love new car smell.  New car smell doesn't last with four smelly children.  I would have been happy to hang out in the van, it smelled that great, and for a minivan it was pretty cool, and had a smooth ride.

Two nights ago Hopson & I went out to dinner, and while we were coming home we hear this flopping sound coming from the left front of the car.  A flopping sound is never good.  It's 11:15 pm, which is way past our bedtime.  We're very sleepy & when we get out of the car...flat tire.  Nice.  We don't know how we ended up with a flat tire, but we did.  Hopson had to park the car close to the house & go back the next morning to change the tire so it wouldn't get towed.

After talking to Hertz, they told Hopson he could bring in the one with a flat & trade it for a different car.  So, yesterday afternoon, Hopson drove on the spare tire to the Hertz rental car place to get a replacement, older model DGC.  It wasn't brand new, but it was going to get us to the getting place when we needed to go.  Well, today, the check engine light starts flashing, and then the new rental car stops driving.  It's a good thing Hopson was just tootling around town, and already had Hertz on speed dial in his phone.

Another call to Hertz.  This time, they said they would bring us another car.  It was very nice of them.  We are just hoping that this time, the third time is a charm.  So far the new car is driving great, and we haven't had any problems with it...yet.  We'll see what tomorrow holds.  I'm pretty sure everything will be great.  Thank goodness it is just a rental.

Celebrating life!


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