Idiot Driver, Get Off the Road!

The car in the front of the line is the idiot.
Notice the green light & yield on green sign?
If you are an idiot driver, please don't get in front of me, or better yet, just get off the road!  I admit, I'm an aggressive driver.  I am intentional and focused when I get in my car.  I don't meander around, because I usually have several places to be in a short amount of time, and when idiots get in front of me they cut down on my efficiency.  I have four children, I'm Type A personality, I have to be efficient, or my head might spontaneously combust.

This morning at 7:20, while driving carpool, I get a call from Hoppy.  His AP Psych class is going on a field trip to a mental hospital today & he forgot to pick-up the Oreos he was assigned to bring.  He was studying all day yesterday & then had lacrosse practice until 9:30 last night, and forgot to let me know to get them or to go get them himself.  Not good, and I'm not happy about it.  He was very fortunate, because I really needed to go to the grocery store for some salad & milk, so I told him I would get them after I finished dropping off the little ones.

Enter tension, right about now, and insert very big eye roll here.  Do you know how long it took me to go .2 of a mile?  About 15 minutes.  Do you know why?  Idiot drivers.  Not traffic, even though it was rush hour, I merged in pretty quickly, but no it was because of idiot drivers.  They give me grey hair and wrinkles.  It makes me want to just get out and just smack somebody. 

We sat at the green light for over 5 minutes
with NO cars coming, and now the light is yellow.
Did you know that when you're sitting at a green light, waiting to turn left, as long as you yield you can go when no cars are coming?  Especially when it's POSTED by the light!!!  I had this person sit and sit and sit, not going when it was clear and with a line of cars behind them.  Guess what else you can do?  You can cheat out a little if you can't see around the cars in the turn lane on the other side of the road.  Unfortunately, the car was not directly ahead of me or I would have given them a friendly little toot of the horn.  I needed to get home by 8, so my forgetful 17 year old could have his stupid cookies to take on his stupid field trip.  I don't know if I'm going to make it!  MOVE MOVE MOVE your stupid car.

Really?  Well now the light's red.  So, now I guess we wait for the thing to give us the arrow.  Tick tock tick tock.  I fly in Wal-Mart, grab some lettuce, milk & the stupid cookies; run to check-out; pay & I'm out the door.  I'm going to fly home, except I forget one little thing...high school traffic.  Would someone come and punch me in the face?  I think it would be less painful. 

I finally get home, 7:57...he's out the door by 8 & all is right with the world.  I did tell Hop, don't ever do that to me again, because he won't get what he needs, the only reason I did it this time is because the cookies are a treat for the people who are living at the facility.  He tells me he loves me on the phone.  I don't belive him; I think he hung up and started laughing maniacally that I bought his excuse.  This is all in my head of course.  He does love me, but just picks the wrong time to let me know.   I can feel my blood pressure raging, so I'm going to workout, build up a huge sweat, and burn a lot of calories to get my tension under control.

Big deep breath in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth.  There, that's better.  This blog is better than therapy! :)

Celebrating Life & Good Drivers!

PS~while in Wal-Mart one of the guys stocking produce asked me if I was a cheerleader.  I said yes, but a very long time ago.  He said he could tell.  I guess he saw my huge defined quad muscle as I was run/walking through the store.  It made me laugh & feel good.  I hope all this working out is paying off.  Tomorrow I try on the...duhn, duhn, duhn...archenemy.  I'll let you know how it goes. 


  1. Thank you for picking up the treats, you are right people at those places don't get many treats!!!

  2. I often find myself getting annoyed with other drivers. That's when I start making up stories about them and why they are driving in such a terrible way. In the scenario you described, I would go into a whole story about how awful it is that his house just burned down. He is distracted by thoughts of all of the things he needs to get at Wal-Mart to replace things he lost. The longer I have to sit and wait, the more detailed and awful the story gets. After five minutes, the guy has no insurance, his wife just left him, the dog ran after her and got hit by a car driven by a distracted driver, and on and on and on.
    Sometimes I even start feeling sorry for him. Can't be mad at him then!


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