Just Call Him Farmer Ted

Hopson comes from a long line of farmers.  His daddy farmed up until a few years ago.  It must be in their blood because Hopson loves to grow things, and it is something he has passed onto Henry.  When Hopson starts digging in the dirt I call him Farmer Ted, so when Henry came home with a cabbage plant and a HUGE smile on his face, I knew I would need to just start calling him Farmer Ted, Jr.

Every 3rd grader at his school received a cabbage plant of their very own.  I think the only thing that would have made him happier is if you gave him Legos.  We love shredded cabbage with a little Hidden Valley Ranch dressing on it.  Yummy!  (but it has to be the kind you mix yourself, the HVR in a bottle is nasty)  Henry couldn't wait to get home & plant his cabbage in the garden in our backyard.  It was so cute!  Since it is March, and March weather is crazy in the south, I talked him into planting it in a pot.  I think he was even more excited about this plan.  It would make his plant portable! 

We had to make a dollar tree run and we found out they sell potting soil & plastic pots.  Who woulda known?  So, dirt, check; pot, check; cabbage plant, check.  He can't wait to get home & decided to plant the cabbage right away.  He did everything himself.  I was a huge help...I took pictures.  I was so proud of that crazy little Henry.  Of course he has shown everyone his plant as soon as they walk in the door.  "Hey, at my school they gave everyone in my grade a cabbage plant, and I wanted to plant it in the garden, but it's still too cold, so we went to the dollar store, and I found this dirt & picked out this pot, it's green, I like the green one the best, and I planted it all by myself, isn't it great, it's going to get gigantic!"  And yes, he doesn't take a breath between sentences.  It makes me tired.  Henry's been watering it & I think he & Hopson sprayed it with bug spray so it wouldn't get eaten by pests.  My Big & Little Farmer Teds!  So proud of them both.

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