I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well the fam had a great spring break!  We were blessed to be able to go to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to go snow skiing.  I grew up going to the beach, so I didn't learn how to ski until I was 32.  I really enjoy it.  The biggest reason is because I love spending the time with the fam.  My kids are good skiers.  Much better than me.  (I guess that's what happens when you learn when you're young.)  My goal is to not lose anyone on the mountain and to not get hurt.  I'm ok with falling, just not hurting myself.  Yes, there's a difference.

I'll be posting about the vacay tomorrow, but today is Friday!  Yes, it's farcical Friday.

Before we get to the funny stuff, just know that I couldn't be a flight attendant.  You need to be nice & I'm not that nice.  You deal with some cranky people and some rule breakers.  I don't do well with either.  I heard a a supposed 15 year old (not my 15 year old) be disrespectful to the flight attendant when she asked how old she was.  The little girl was sitting in an emergency exit, and the attendant needed to know if she would be able to open the emergency door if there was an emergency.  When the little girl looked at her and said 'Yeah' in a smart aleic way, I would have gone postal on her.  Yes'mam is appropriate said with obedience to a person who is in charge.  Not you eyeballing her & saying 'yeah'.  Ok, got that off my chest; I feel better now. :)

But since we flew this past week, I realized I love flight attendents with personality.  Does anyone ever listen to the flight attendents give their little spheel?  I think if they did it like David Holmes from Southwest Airlines, everyone would listen.  Elvis & Larry the Cable Guy were spotted on Southwest as well.  The acoustics aren't as good for E, but it's still pretty funny.  Southwest also decided to play games...I would be so into that!  Ignore the girl at the beginning & again at the end, she's a party pooper! (I work in Children's Church, anything like this is great, we actually play a version of this game.)  Let me add that we didn't fly Southwest this trip, but like to fly with them when we can.

Oh well, y'all enjoy the videos!  Have a wonderful Friday.  Monday it's back to the grindstone.  But until then, I'll be...

Celebrating Life!


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