I Think She's Lovely

At the Good Citizenship presentation

There is just something special about my daughter, Elizabeth.  She has one of the most gentle and kindest of hearts.  She will, nine times out of ten, put others before herself.  I so wish I was more like her.  She tried out for dance team, and didn't make it.  She was upset for herself for a little bit, (like 10 minutes) but was happier for her friends who did make it.  God made her so special, and I think she's lovely.

 Today she was presented with one of the Good Citizenship awards at her school.  I know that she didn't do anything special to receive the award, she was just being herself.  With Elizabeth, what you see is what you get.  I want to take credit for how she is, but just can't.  God made her this way.  He gets all the credit.  In the past I've tried to make her a little more competitive, and maybe even a little bit tougher, but God has softened her heart towards others & it's when she is serving that you see her really shine.  When she loves on someone is when you see her strength.  She's a fierce friend, and protects those who are weaker than herself.

Even if she didn't get recognized for being a good citizen, I would still be so proud of her.  What a blessing she is to our family.  I'm so proud to call her my daughter.  I thank God everyday for making her so different from me.  She is an example in everything she does, and 1 Timothy 4:12 explains her best.  Congratulations Elizabeth!  I love you!

Celebrating Life & all that is lovely,


  1. What a precious young lady!!!!!! I know yall are proud!!!


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