Too Much Bootie in the Pants

My side of the fam has never had a problem with having a flat bootie.  Quite the opposite actually, we tend to pack a little too much booty especially if we've gained weight.  I was excited when everyone started to love J.Lo & Beyone's booties because it meant curves were in.  I think the appropriate term is 'bootylicious'. 

Hopson has the flattest bootie I have ever seen.  His pants sag in the back because he literally has nothing.  Luckily, since he has nothing and I have too much all our children are pretty normal.  They have the potential to build some glutes if they want, but if they don't it will be good too.

Elizabeth & I were shopping today & found these at a shop, called Serendipity, that a friend owns.  We had a HUGE laugh at the thought of people actually wearing underware that have bootie pads in them.  I asked DeDa (that's what we call Samantha, the owner of Serendipity) if people actually bought them & she said all the time.  OK, what ever works. 

I guess I'll be thankful for my bootie & that I won't ever have to worry about having to make it look bigger! 

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