Please Let This Work

I really hope this works because I'm doing it from my phone :/ The last time I tried to do this it deleted my posting Stupid phone, so here goes nothin'.

Well, it's so obvious spring break is over. I've been trying to catch my breath since we came home, but no such luck. We are back to going ninety to nothing like every other family. An acquaintance told me today she was going to be going back and forth picking up and dropping off kids four different places today. I'm at the lax fields and that's a 20 minute trip one way. (and that's if you hit it just right) She told me she looks at it as a little vacation in her car. It's all about perspective. She said it's the only time someone is not asking her for something or needing anything from her. I thought she was clever.

Right now is nice. The sun is out; it's in the low 80's; there's a nice little breeze;I'm going to get to see my boys practice/play lax; dinner is planned/somewhat prepared; homework for the younger 2 is done; life is pretty good. (I also fit into my cute size 4 pants & didn't have to suck in or jump off the house to get them on!!!) WooHoo! You know it's the little things that mean so much.

you can see the boys practicing in the background. :)
I'm about to go inside the field, be sociable, and share a laugh with other moms just like me. It's nice to know I'm not alone! I would say misery loves company, but I'm not miserable. Far from it, I'm blessed way more than I deserve.

Celebrating Life!

PS~ I have a picture from my car, but I can't get it from my phone to the posting, so I'll have to do it when i get home. :/. Technology, oui!


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