You Are Lying to Me...

...and 'what were they thinking' or it's just plain Farcical Friday! 

I am not a good interviewee.  I get so nervous.  I don't know why.  I can stand up in front of hundreds or thousands of people, talk into a mike or whatever you need me to do, and not get nervous.  But if I have to explain strengths and weaknesses about myself, it can go bad.  I tend to ramble, (I know you're shocked) and not give a clear concise answer.  It's something I'm working on.  Luckily, Hopson is a great interviewer and he helps me get prepared.

I read this article about 10 unsusal interview mistakes, which I will call 'what were they thinking' and then 6 common ones aka 'you are lying to me'.  Even I know not to say some of this stuff in an interview.  It is too weird not to share, so if you don't want to click on the link, you can read them below.  I laughed at quite a few of them, because there are some people that just don't get it.  I thought, nuh uh, they didn't really do that, but then I thought of some people I've run into over the years & thought, yep, I can so see them doing something like that.  Some of these are too funny & others are just sad!  In the south when someone does something totally stupid, we just say 'Well, bless their heart, they must not have known any better.'  which is code for 'are you really that dumb?'  Oh me, some people just need a little more help than others I guess!

Celebrating Life & enjoying the laugh,

10 Unsusal Interview Mistakes & 6 Common Mistakes:

10 Unsusal Mistakes:

  • Candidate brought a "how to interview book" with him to the interview.

  • Candidate asked, "What company is this again?

  • Candidate put the interviewer on hold during a phone interview. When she came back on the line, she told the interviewer that she had a date set up for Friday.

  • Candidate wore a Boy Scout uniform and never told interviewers why.

  • Candidate talked about promptness as one of her strengths after showing up 10 minutes late.

  • On the way to the interview, candidate passed, cut off and flipped the middle finger to a driver who happened to be the interviewer.

  • Candidate referred to himself in the third person.

  • Candidate took off his shoes during interview.

  • Candidate asked for a sip of the interviewer's coffee.

  • A mature candidate told the interviewer she wasn't sure if the job offered was worth "starting the car for."

  • 6 Common Mistakes and the percentage they are made:

  • Answering cell phone or texting: 77 percent

  • Appearing disinterested: 75 percent

  • Dressing inappropriately: 72 percent

  • Appearing arrogant: 72 percent

  • Talking negatively about current or previous employers: 67 percent

  • Chewing gum: 63 percent
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