Hey Worm, that Glass is Hot

you can see the blisters on his fingers
Sometimes children have to learn things the hard way, and they have to get burned, literally.  As a parent you hate it for them & never want them to hurt themselves.  Thank goodness Henry's injury is not too bad.

He decided he wanted to see if the glass in front of the fire place was hot.  Well, duh, yes it's hot.  Fire is hot, and it heats the glass, so therefore the..glass..is..hot.  It's called deductive reasoning, learn it, live it, love it.  He ended up burning the tops of three fingers on his right hand.  At least he's not in school right now.  Things can always be worse.
the fireplace in question...

Right now that crazy little worm has his hand soaking in a bowl of cold water.  I'm going to play Dr. Mom on him later, but I figured the cold water is helping it as much as anything else will.  I guess he won't be touching anything else that comes in contact with fire anymore...at least I hope not.  I don't want a blog posting entitled 'how to eat fried worms'.  Very cute book by the way if you haven't read it.

Celebrating Life & lessons learned the hard way,


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