Kind Words and Kind Hearts

Lauren, Ryan, Hannah, Alex & Abbey
Sweet Girls!

The phrase pretty is as pretty does is so true.  The group of girls Hopson hangs out with describe this phrase to a 'T'.  I love these girls.  (I love the boys too, but I don't think they want to be considered pretty...or at least I hope not.)  They are some of the sweetest teenagers to be around!  My friend Cathy & I talked about how cute the girls were sitting on the sidelines before the varsity lax game talking to each other and cheering for the boys.  I wish the whole group had been there for the picture so you can see them all, but school work & other activities called, but these girls were here when the game started, so their picture is the one I'm using.  Hop is blessed with some great friends...girls and guys.

These girls are kind to each other; to adults; and little brothers and sisters.  They all have a ready smile and are active in school, sports, and church.  I wish I could clone each of them.  They are welcome at my house anytime!  (sometimes they'll come and join me if I'm watching a movie they want to watch if they're over at the house, and they don't pretend I'm not in the room.)

When I took this picture they promptly asked me if it was going to make the blog.  I smiled.  I love it when people want to be a posting, it makes my life easier.  I asked if they wanted to be today's posting & they all smiled and said yes.  Thanks girls!!!  It was a pleasant change.  The fam has started rolling their eyes when they find out they are the day's posting.  Hey, 366 days is a lot to fill & my life is pretty routine. 

As you know, we had lacrosse last night:  two practices and a game.  Hoppy had a great fall in the game.  I hope the girls haze him a little about it today.  He was pushed pretty hard & gracefully fell and ended up doing a forward roll out of it.  I have to say I was impressed with his footwork.  He could have eaten the turf hard.  The guy he was guarding was 6'3...just a smidge bigger then Hop.  I think he stretches to 5'7 with his shoes on, bless his heart.  Big Hopson & I are short, what do you expect; the kiddos are not going to be giants.  Anyway, we lost by 1 goal.  :(  We'll get them in the playoffs.

Girls, you make me smile, and I love to be around you.  You each bring honor to yourselves, parents, and to the Lord.  I pray Elizabeth has the kind of friendships you have with each other.  You all wear your hearts on your sleeves and your outside pretty is enhanced by your inside pretty!  I love y'all & pray every blessing and happiness over you!!!

Celebrating life & being pretty is as pretty does!


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