My Pretty Pretty Princess

My community has the oldest Dogwood Festival in the United States.  When everything is in bloom it is beautiful.  Partnering with the festival we have a pageant for the girls and young women of our community.  The winners receive crowns and sashes, and get to attend the Dogwood luncheon, attend Fun Day, and can be in our community's annual Christmas parade.  It's a great experience to learn how to interview and have poise, and this year Elizabeth wanted to compete. 

All the 6th grade participants
Elizabeth is #3 in the picture

It's a sweet little pageant, nothing like what  you would see on Toddlers and Tiaras.  (BIG whew, there!) All the girls from grades 6-12 have a short interview with judges; and in middle school the girls wear party dresses; and do a beauty walk onstage. 

It was a good experience for Elizabeth.  She didn't win, but had a lot of fun, and that's what is important.  Of course, I think she is the prettiest, but that's a mother's prerogative.  She will always be our pretty pretty princess!

Celebrating Life!


  1. She did so great today. I am so glad you posted an interview picture because she looks so beautiful. This is a great community event!!! Go Elizabeth Nance.


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