Ok, Duh!

How I feel my hair looks on
a bad hair day.
I'm surfing the web reading articles that are mindless & at least a little interesting when I see the line:  "Can Bad Hair Really Ruin Your Day".  Did I really just read that?  Because duh, yes it can.  If you're a guy, ask any woman who has a bad hair day & I bet at least more than half say it will affect their mood.    (if you're a woman, you already know the answer)  What floors me is that someone actually spent money to "answer" that question. 

Now, I wouldn't call in sick to work because of a bad hair day, I'm not that vain, but you would be able to tell, just by looking at me that I am not altogether happy about it either.  Usually if I'm having a bad hair day I just pull it back out of my face.  A girls does what she has too & moves on.  I'm just thankful I have a headful of hair.  I guess it's all in how you look at it.

My our bad hair days be few and far between!

Celebrating Life & good hair days!


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